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Here are the most popular FAQs:


What is Durable's Pricing?

We offer 3 levels of paid plans. You do not need to pay to sign up, but you need to be subscribed to a paid plan if you want to publish the website.

A Starter subscription to Durable starts at $12 per month. A Business subscription starts at $20 per month. A Mogul plan starts at $80 per month. Every paid subscription includes a website, a custom domain (5 custom domains with the Mogul plan), an AI Assistant, Invoicing, an AI-powered CRM, and more. You can learn more about Durable prices.

Can I pay the subscription fees in another currency?

All of the subscription charges will be in USD. We are unable to issue subscription invoices in other currencies at this time.

If I cancel my subscription, do I lose my website?

Your website and business will be unpublished but will still be available and saved if you decide to re-subscribe to a paid plan.

How many websites can I publish with one subscription?

You can publish one website per subscription. You can create multiple businesses under one account only with the Mogul plan.

I deleted my account. Is there a way to recover it?

Unfortunately no. Account deletion is an irreversible process, and the Durable team cannot recover it.

Can I downgrade from a paid plan to a free plan?

Not available at this time. Since the free plan does not allow website publishing, it is not possible to downgrade to the free plan.


Can I use an existing domain with Durable?

Yes. You can connect an existing domain to your Durable website. This guide shows you how.

Does a custom domain cost extra?

Nope! A custom domain is included with every Durable Starter and Business subscription and takes seconds to create. With the Mogul plan, you can get up to five custom domains (one domain per business).

There may be an extra charge for the domain, depending on the domain you choose.


Can I create an e-commerce website with Durable?

While Durable is not explicitly designed to support e-commerce businesses, we have had clients launch successful e-commerce businesses on our platform. Here's how.

Does Durable offer email hosting?

No. You can get a custom domain email address from an external email host such as Google Workspace or Outlook. Please see this page for details.

Can I edit my website code?

Durable is a "no code" solution for building websites. Because of that, we don't offer extensive options for HTML customization. However, you can add some custom code components to your website. Please see this page for guidance. Please note that the Durable team cannot validate the code for you, so please make sure that the code is correct before you save it.

Can I add customized CSS to my page?

Yes, you can add it to an embedded component to affect any HTML code inside, on the header of the page to affect a specific page, or on the head of the website to be applied to the whole website. That said, we do not recommend changing the general CSS of your website since that could significantly impact mobile/desktop compatibility and cause unpredictable behaviour.

Do you offer language switchers (language toggle) on Durable websites?

Not at this time. You can have one language per website.

Can I change the website language?

Yes. Currently, Durable websites can be published in the following languages:

  • English

  • Spanish

  • French

  • Brazilian Portuguese

  • German

  • Dutch

  • Italian

Please also see this help centre document for guidance.

Can I import/export website content from/to another website host?

Not at this time. Since Durable offers a no-code website builder, we do not share the codes. It is not possible to download the website content or import a file to upload it to the Durable website.

Pro Plan (legacy plan: no longer offered for new customers)

I have a Pro Plan (20/50/100) subscription. Can I buy domains from Durable?

No, you can't purchase domains from Durable with a Pro Plan. However, you can link domains from an external domain provider to your Durable website.

What happens when I cancel my pro plan subscription?

When you cancel your pro plan, all the websites under the Pro plan will be cancelled. If you want to activate a website that was under your pro plan, you will need to re-subscribe each website to a paid plan (Starter or Business plan; downgrade to a free plan isn't currently available).

Do you offer white-label services?

Not at this time. White-labelling service is not available via Durable.

Do you still have questions? Please contact our support team from our help centre!

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