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Get a custom domain via Durable
Get a custom domain via Durable
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You can get a free custom domain if you sign up for one of our plans. (Except for the Pro Plans: With the Pro Plan, you would have to provide the domain externally through a service like GoDaddy.)

When building a successful online presence, having a domain is essential. A domain is your unique online address where people can find your website.

What is a Domain?

A domain is the address that people type into their web browser to access your website. It is also known as a website URL (Uniform Resource Locator). For example, "" is a domain.

How to register a domain via Durable

To get a custom domain,

  1. Log into your account and go to Website > Domain.

  2. By default, Durable will show you available domains that match your business name. If you're looking for a specific one instead, you can always type it in the search bar, and it will search for availability.

    Please note that not all domains are available through Durable. Add an acceptable top-level domain (such as .com) to your search.

    The domain you want is already claimed:

    ​The top-level domain is restricted (You need a physical location to own some top-level domains, such as .no, .fr, etc.)​

    If the domain has already been taken, it will show you that it's unavailable:

    If the domain is free, you can claim it by clicking the "Get It" button.

  3. When the domain is free:

    After clicking "Get it," the sidebar shows up. You can register your domain under your name or under Durable. Please have a look at our domain policy for details. To register it under Durable, enable "Easy setup" and click "Get domain."

    If you want to register the domain under your name, turn off the easy setup and type in your Contact details. Then, click "Get domain."

  4. When you register your domain under your name, you will receive an email that was added to the contact details above. You will need to verify your registrar's information. Otherwise, your domain will not be active.

    The email might look like this:

    Please double-check the domain name and ICANN policy, and click the link to verify your contact information. Click "VERIFY INFORMATION."

    When the domain is verified, you will see the message below.

  5. Now, your domain is ready to use. You can always access your domain record by going to Website > Domains.

Premium domain

Some domains can be acquired with additional payments. When the domain price exceeds the cap price for each plan (For the Starter plan: $15 US, and the Business plan: $30 US), you can purchase the domain with an additional fee.

  1. Go to Website > Domain.

  2. When you see a domain with a price on it, click "Get it."

  3. You can either enable or turn off the "Easy setup." For details about the easy setup, please refer to the "Get domain via Durable" section on this page.

  4. To pay the premium amount, type in the credit card details or click "1-click secure checkout with Link." Please note that the domain fee is charged annually.

  5. Click "Get domain."

  6. You will be redirected to the payment completion page. Please set it as "Primary" to use it on the website.

  7. You can see the domain information through Website > Domain.

Turn on or off domain auto-renewal

Domain renews every year. You can enable auto-renew to prevent domain expiry.

  1. Go to Website > Domain.

  2. Click "Manage" next to the custom domain.

  3. Turn on or off the toggle on the Auto-renew section.

Please note that by enabling auto-renew, your domain fees will be charged annually to the card for which you made the original domain fee.


What is the cap for the domain price?

  • For the Starter plan: $15 US

  • For Business plan: $30 US

Can I get a refund for the domain?

No. We do not offer domain refunds. Domain fees will be charged every year.

Can I Change my Domain Name?

It can't be changed once you set a custom domain name on your Durable site (through Durable, not external). If you would like a different domain name, you can use an external domain through GoDaddy or another service, then use the steps here to connect it to your Durable site.

I Have a Pro Plan. Is a custom domain included in my plan?

No. You must get a custom domain from external domain providers such as GoDaddy. You cannot purchase a custom domain from Durable using a Pro Plan. A custom domain isn't included in the Pro Plan. You also will not be able to purchase domains through Durable if on the Pro Plan since we currently do not have a payment structure to support that.

Important note

Once you get a custom domain from Durable, you won't be able to change it. If you want a different domain, you can get it through domain hosts like GoDaddy or NameCheap. When you get a custom domain from Durable, it will be set as Primary automatically.

Having your domain brings numerous benefits to your website. It gives your website a professional look and helps you gain credibility and trust among your target audience. So, if you want to establish a strong online presence, investing in a domain is worth it. In conclusion, owning a domain has many advantages for your website.

Do you already have a domain?: Connect it to your Durable website.

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