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How to delete a business/website

If you would like to keep your Durable account but want to delete a business, please follow the steps below.

Deleting business is an irreversible process, and it cannot be recovered.
Also, deleting a business results in the cancellation of a paid subscription, and the subscription will not be carried over to the new business you create.

Please note that if you have a Pro plan (legacy plan: no longer offered) or a Mogul plan, deleting businesses doesn't result in cancelling the subscription.

  1. After logging into your Durable account, click the business title in the top left corner and click "Manage."

  2. Find the business you want to delete and click "More."

  3. Click "Delete business."

  4. Type "confirm" in the popup window to confirm the deletion.

  5. Click "Delete."

Business deletion FAQs

I see the "Free plan" sign, although I have paid for the subscription. What happened to my subscription?

If you subscribe to a plan and then delete the business, the subscription will be cancelled and will not be carried over to the new website you created afterwards. You will need to re-subscribe to a paid plan if you would like to use paid plan features. If you have questions about the subscription status, please contact our support team.

I want to cancel my subscription. Can I delete my business to do so?

Your subscription will be automatically cancelled when the business is deleted. However, if you want to cancel the subscription and still want to keep the website content, please follow this page: Cancel your Durable subscription.

I want to delete my Durable account. Can I do that?

If you want to delete the entire Durable account, please follow these steps: Delete my Durable account. The difference between deleting businesses and deleting the account is that you can still keep your account even if you delete business(es) (you can still log into your Durable account). On the other hand, deleting the account results in deleting your business and your Durable account (you will not be able to log in).

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