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Understanding Durable Language Options

Currently, Durable supports various languages, which will help you reach even more customers. The Durable websites are available in English, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Dutch, and Italian.

Change the website language by following these steps:

  1. Go to Business > AI Settings.

  2. Then, change the language and click "Save."

  3. After you change the language, go to Website > Edit.

  4. Click on Regenerate > Content to change the language section by section.

  5. Click "Save in the top bar when finished.

Alternatively, you can change the whole website language by clicking the AI assistant icon (thunderbolt icon) at the top.

Reminder: if you choose this option, your whole Website will be regenerated. All content, styles, and details for this page will be lost. Please see this page for regenerating the entire website.

Important note:

  • Currently, the interface language (backend) is offered only in English.

  • Only one language is available per Website (no language selector options for now).

  • The AI assistant is compatible with the language listed above.

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