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Enable "force custom code render" on pages
Enable "force custom code render" on pages
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Rendering custom code

When you add custom code to a page, you may experience strange behaviour due to a conflict with the Durable code.

An example of strange behaviour is: "I added an embed code, but it doesn't show when I open the page, only after a refresh."

If that happens, you can force custom code render to troubleshoot the issue. To enable this:

  1. Determine which page the code has been added to and on which page there is strange behaviour.

  2. Go to Website > Edit website.

  3. Click "Manage pages" at the top bar in the middle.

  4. Click the gear icon next to a page title where there is a code.

  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the settings panel and enable "Force custom code render."

  6. Click "Save" in the settings panel and click "Save" again on the top bar.

  7. After enabling this, please check if the issue has been resolved.

If rendering the custom code does not solve the issue, there may be an error in the code. Please review and insert the code again.

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