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Manage page details
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You can manage page details such as:

  • Titles and labels

  • Showing/hiding the pages on the menu bars

  • SEO settings

  • Add and render custom codes

from the Manage Pages button.

How to change the page settings

  1. Go to Website > Edit website.

  2. Click the "Manage pages" button at the top bar.

  3. The settings panel opens on the side. Click the gear icon next to the page you want to edit.

  4. You can edit the settings and click "Save" at the top bar when you finish.

Editing titles and labels

Title: The title tag is displayed as the title in search results. We recommend between 50 and 60 characters. You can either write it manually or click "Regenerate" for the AI to create one for you.

Label: This is the word that will appear in the navigation (menu) on your website.

Showing/hiding pages from the menu bars (header and footer)

Enable the toggle: The page appears on the header and footer.

Disable the toggle: The page is hidden from the header and footer.


  1. Image: This is the image that appears when you share the page URL via Social media messaging (e.g., Instagram DM, Messanger, etc.).

  2. Description: A meta description is a short, relevant summary of this page. Search engines will sometimes use this in search results. We recommend between 110 and 160 characters. You can write it manually or click "Regenerate" for AI to write it for you.

  3. Mark this page as canonical: Enable this option to mark this page as the most representative from a set of duplicate pages. To learn about the canonical page, please see this help document from Google: Canonical.

  4. Remove from sitemap: Only enable this if you don't want a page to show up on the search engine results.

Custom code

If you want to add custom code to a particular page, you can do so in this section. If you have a code that you want to apply to the entire website, please go to the Website > Settings > Custom code section. For details on custom code, please see this page: Add custom code and embedding components to your site. You can also enable "Force custom code render" if you have rendering issues with the custom code.

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