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Enable Automation for your business
Enable Automation for your business
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Automation is currently a beta feature. It is available in Starter, Business, and Mogul plans. The Review request feature is not yet available. Some features in the Automation may require a certain plan.

Important note:

Once you have enabled SEO automation, you will not be able to edit the page SEO from the website editor. (See more on this help centre document: Edit SEO on your site and page) If you would like to edit each page's SEO, please turn off the SEO automation.

Available automation

  • SEO specialist: Automatically optimize your website's SEO after any content update, keeping your site visible and competitive in search engine rankings.

  • Auto-post: Generate blog content automatically based on your business type, keeping your site fresh and engaging to attract and retain visitors. For more information on Auto-post, please see this help document: Enable Auto-post blog.

  • Review request (Coming soon): Automatically ask for reviews post-service with a simple email, building your online reputation with each satisfied customer.

  • Copywriter (Coming soon): Revitalize your website's content with AI, enhancing readability and engagement to turn visitors into loyal followers of your brand.

  • Lead correspondent: Instantly respond to new leads from your website's contact form to immediately engage and boost your conversion opportunities. To enable email sync, please follow this help document: Sync your email address in your Durable CRM.

  • Service reminder (Coming soon): Automatically track and get notified about upcoming services for your clients, ensuring you're always ahead of your schedule.

Enabling automation

Enhance your productivity by letting AI handle routine tasks for you.

  1. Log into your Durable account and click "Automation" on the side menu.

  2. Click "Enable skills."

Enable each automation

  1. Once the Automation is enabled, you can enable each skill. Click Automation and click "Enable" for SEO specialist and Auto-post.

  2. To configure, you can click the three dots on each card and click "Configure."

Check automation feed

You can check the feed for the changes that have been made to your website.

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