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Create and send invoices to customers
Create and send invoices to customers
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How to Create and Send Invoice Using Durable

Creating and sending invoices is a great way to streamline and simplify bookkeeping. It ensures that customer payments are tracked and organized, reducing the time it takes to process them. Durable makes it easy to manage these processes with its intuitive interface.

Create invoice drafts

  1. Click the "Invoicing" dashboard.

  2. Click "Create Invoice."

  3. Choose a customer from the dropdown menu or click "Create new" to add a new customer.

    • Optional: If you click "Create new," fill in the customer information. Customers' First and last names and email addresses are the mandatory fields to issue an invoice. Click "save" when you fill in the customer details.

  4. Customize the invoice number, issuing date, due timing (15 or 30 days), and due date.

  5. Choose item(s) from the dropdown menu or add items by clicking "Create new."

    • Optional: If you click "Create new," fill in the item's name, description, type (item/hourly), price, and quantity. Please enable "Add to invoice items list" to save this item for future invoicing. Click "Save" when finished.

  6. Add tax and note if needed, and click "Save draft" when finished.

Send invoices to customers

1. Click the draft invoice you want to send.

2. Confirm the details, and click "Send."

3. Click "Send invoice" in the popup confirmation popup.

Congratulations! You've just sent an invoice using Durable.

Invoicing FAQ

Can I send recurring invoices to my customers?

  • Not at this time.

Can I send an invoice to multiple customers?

  • Not at this time.

Can I delete invoices?

  • You cannot delete the invoices for regulatory reasons once they are created. You can, however, edit the invoice content. Please edit the invoice to re-use it. You can edit it before "Mark as paid."

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