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Learn about cookies notice bar
Learn about cookies notice bar
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Important note: This article does not contain or provide legal advice.

  • The Durable team is not able to give you legal advice on whether your website is meeting your local privacy laws & regulations.

  • Privacy laws are different from region to region. Showing a cookie notice bar might not suffice the requirement. Please consult your local legal professionals for details.

  • To use Durable services, you must comply with our Terms of Service and Privacy policy.

Learn about cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies help inform websites about the user, enabling the websites to personalize the user experience. Cookies are small files of information that a web server generates and sends to a web browser. Web browsers store the cookies they receive for a predetermined period or the length of a user's session on a website. They attach the relevant cookies to any future requests the user makes to the web server. [Quote from Cloudflare: What are cookies? | Cookies definition]

Why the cookies notice bar?

To show the site visitor that your website uses cookies. It is often considered necessary to include a cookie bar. On your Durable website, you can either use the Durable cookie bar (Previously the Common Ninja cookie bar). By using those widgets, you can set up a cookie notice banner.

Add a cookie notice bar to your site

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