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Learn about different page types you can add to your site
Learn about different page types you can add to your site
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Add new pages to your site

To begin, click on the HOME menu on the top right of your website. From there, you'll click on the 'Create page' located near the bottom. For details, please take a look at this help centre page.

Template Pages available:

Below, we'll break down what each page looks like and when to best use it. You can always customize the pages as much as you want, and the 'Add section +' will be present on each one as well.

Blank Page

The Blank Page template provides an empty canvas for users to create and design their unique web pages from scratch. It is useful when you have a specific vision in mind and want complete control over the layout and content of your website.


The About page is where you can provide information about your company, organization, or yourself. It typically includes details such as the history, mission, values, and key personnel. This page is essential for introducing your brand and building trust with your audience.


The Services page is dedicated to showcasing the products or services you offer. It provides a detailed service description, including features, benefits, pricing, and additional information. This page helps potential customers understand the value you offer and assists them in making informed decisions.


The Contact page is designed to enable visitors to get in touch with you. It typically includes a contact form, email address, phone number, and physical address. This page is crucial for communicating and facilitating inquiries, feedback, or collaboration opportunities.


The Gallery page displays a collection of visual content, such as photos or videos, related to your business or organization. It can be used to showcase products, highlight past projects, or provide a visual representation of your brand. This page is ideal for industries where visuals play a significant role, such as photography, design, or hospitality. Please also see this page for details: Use the gallery section.


The Team page introduces the individuals who form an integral part of your organization. It typically includes photos, names, roles, and brief team members' biographies. This page helps establish a personal connection, highlighting the expertise and qualifications of your team and fostering trust with visitors.


The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page addresses common queries or concerns that potential customers may have. It provides answers to pre-emptively resolve common issues, saving customers and your support team time and effort. This page enhances customer experience and can lead to increased conversions.


The Testimonials page showcases positive feedback and reviews from satisfied customers or clients. It provides social proof, demonstrating the quality and reliability of your products or services. This page can help build trust and credibility and encourage potential customers to choose your business over competitors.

Terms of Service

The Terms of Service page outlines the legal agreement between your website or business and its users. It covers rules, regulations, and guidelines regarding the use of your website, including disclaimers, intellectual property rights, and user responsibilities. This page protects your interests and sets expectations for users.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy page informs users about how their personal information is collected, used, and protected by your website or business. It covers data collection practices, cookie usage, data storage, and any third-party services involved. This page helps establish trust, ensuring users' privacy and compliance with data protection regulations.

Note: While these descriptions provide a general understanding of each template's purpose, the content and layout may vary depending on the specific needs and preferences of the website creator.

Please also note that the Durable support team cannot give legal advice on the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. It is best to console your local legal advisor if those policies follow your region's guidelines when creating those pages.

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