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Add social media icons on your site
Add social media icons on your site
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Configure Social Media Icons on the Website

Enabling social media links in your website's footer or header helps to direct your visitors to your other social media accounts, such as Instagram, Facebook, and X. Here are the steps to configure your social media icons on your website:

  1. Go to Website > Edit website.

  2. Click the "..." button and "Edit website header" button in the header.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the settings tab and edit the current social link (click the pencil icon) or add a new icon (click "Add channel +").

  4. Choose the type and paste your account name in the field.

  5. Click "Save" in the top bar when finished. You will see an icon when set up correctly.

There you have it. You have successfully updated your website with social links.

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