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Add buttons to your site
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When designing a webpage, there are many different elements that can add functionality and enhance the user experience. One of these elements is the button. Buttons may seem basic, but they play a crucial role in prompting user interaction and guiding them through your site. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the benefits of using buttons on your webpage.

Before you begin

You can add buttons to your Durable websites, but the places you can add buttons are limited.

List of sections where you can add buttons:

  • Header

  • Banner

  • List

  • Pricing (Durable made section)

  • Text + Image

  • Footer

In other sections, you cannot add buttons.

How to add buttons

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Website > Edit website.

  2. Click the "..." and "Edit" buttons in the section where you want to add buttons (Please see the above list to find out where you can add buttons).

  3. Enable the Button toggle, and choose the link type from the dropdown menu.

  4. Edit the label and input the link source (phone number, email address, etc, as the required format). Please see below for what you can add to a button.

  5. Click "Save" in the top bar.

What to link to a button

You can link:

  • Phone number: Please choose the phone as the link type and type the phone number only (Please do not include "+" sign)

  • Email address: you can also enable "Open in a new browser tab" as needed.

  • External URL: if you have a booking page, external website, etc. You can also enable "Open in a new browser tab" as needed

  • Page: You can link another page within the same website. Please create the page you want to link prior to adding it to a button.

  • Section: you can link a section within the same page. Please note that this option is not available for buttons in the header and footer. It is only available for the sections in the body of the website.

By utilizing buttons effectively, you can create a more user-friendly and visually appealing website. So, next time you're designing a webpage, be sure to consider the many benefits of using buttons.

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