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Use the AI assistant
Use the AI assistant
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How to use the Durable AI assistant

Our AI assistant is an easy and convenient tool designed to help you run your business smoothly and efficiently. Our application is powered by advanced automation technology, making it one of the best solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Getting Started with Our AI Assistant

Ready to start using our AI assistant for your business? Take advantage of our AI assistant today and experience the benefits of a streamlined and efficient business operation!

  1. Log into your Durable account and select business.

  2. Click on the Thunderbolt icon next to your account icon in the top right corner.

  3. The AI assistant popup will open.

  4. Type a question or command, and hit enter.

  5. The response will be generated. The assistant will then take you to the page where you can change the settings or ask follow-up questions.

You can also open the assistant within the website editor. Please click the thunderbolt icon on the top bar.

Change the AI assistant language

Currently, the AI assistant supports the following languages:

  • English

  • Spanish

  • French

  • Brazilian Portuguese

  • Italian

  • Dutch

  • German

To change the language,

  1. Go to Business > AI Settings.

  2. Change the language, and click "Save."

Example questions you can ask the AI assistant

Our AI assistant is designed to help you with tasks within the Durable dashboard.


"Change the website favicon."

"Create a new invoice."

"Set default tax on invoices."

"What does my website look like on a mobile device?"

"Take me to the Durable help centre."

What the AI assistant can help you with

  • Taking you to the page where a specific setting is managed.

  • Provide you with information about Durable products.

What the AI assistant cannot help you with

  • Create support tickets: The AI assistant is not a Durable support chatbot. If you want to contact our Support team, please create a ticket from here.

  • Perform changes to your website: The assistant can take you to the settings page, but you will still need to make the changes. The AI assistant is there to navigate you in the right direction.

  • Taking you to external websites: The assistant cannot redirect you to external websites such as Google or your domain provider website.

  • Ask questions that are too broad. For example, "What is my next step?" You can ask the assistant the questions; however, the command is not specific enough for the assistant to give you an answer. Please provide specific actions to the assistant.

  • Ask questions unrelated to Durable's website: The assistant is not trained to answer questions such as "How to bake a potato" or "What is the capital city of Brazil?"

We are constantly working to improve and enhance your experience, so be on the lookout for future updates and developments. If you have feedback for our AI assistant, please do not hesitate to message us from our help centre!

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