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Benefits of constant blog updates

Regular blog updates can have a positive impact on a website's rankings in search engines, providing your website with increased visibility. Search engines assess how frequently a website is updated to determine the relevance and quality of its content.

Frequent blog updates can also help you to remain connected with customers on a personal level. Updating your blog frequently allows you to provide your readers with exciting and helpful content that can position you as an industry leader and expert. In addition, fresh content on your blog can help you build relationships with your readers and develop an audience of loyal followers.

Regular blog updates are an essential aspect of website maintenance and can make a big difference in the success and visibility of your blog.

Before you begin

Important note: This feature is only available in the US and Canada at this time due to text confirmation being sent only to US and Canadian numbers.

If you still need to create a blog page on your website, please follow this help centre document to create one before enabling the automated blog posts.

How to turn on blog auto post

  1. Go to Automation > Skills.

  2. Click "Enable" on Auto-post, and click "Enable skill" on the popup window.

  3. In the popup window, you can set the blog schedule, Notifications, and phone.

    Choose the scheduled frequency from Weekly, Every two weeks, or Monthly.

    • If you don't need to review the blog before the upload, continue by clicking "Save."

    • Optional: if you want to receive a text notification to preview the blog post before it gets published, turn on the "Notifications" toggle.

    • Type in a *mobile* phone number from which you want an SMS notification. Click "Save" when you type in a phone number.

    • You will receive a 6-digit one-time code for your phone number. Type the code in the popup window.
      Text message sample:

    • Click "Verify," and you will receive a text message when completed.

    • When the blog article is ready, you will receive another SMS message.

How to publish automated blog posts

Depending on the frequency schedule, you will receive a text message like the one below:

To review, click the link within the SMS and check the article.

  • Happy with the blog post? => Respond with "P" in the SMS.

  • Not so happy with the blog post? => Respond with "R," and the AI will regenerate another post.

  • Want to delete the post? => Respond with "D," and the blog post will be deleted.

If you do not respond to the SMS message, the article will be left as a draft in the Website editor > Blog page.

If you want to edit a blog post, please see this help centre article:

How to turn off automated blog posts

  1. Go to Automation > Skills > Auto-post.

  2. Click the three dots on the Auto-post card, and click Disable.

  3. Click "Disable Skill" on the popup window.

Automated blog post FAQ

Do Durable employees ever ask for the verification code?

No. The Durable team will never ask for the verification code. Please do not share the code with anyone.

Why don't I receive a verification code?

There could be several reasons:

  • Are you using a US/Canadian phone number?: This automated post feature is only available in the US and Canada at the moment.

  • Are you using a number that can receive SMS messages?: You will need to be able to receive an SMS message to the number you input.

  • Are you using the correct number?: You must type the valid phone number to be able to verify. Please edit the phone number and try again.

  • Are you verifying within a short amount of time? The code expires after a certain amount of time. I recommend you verify your number as soon as possible.

In conclusion, regular blog updates offer a number of advantages to website owners and their readers. They can help boost SEO rankings, establish relationships, and create a loyal following for your website.

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