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Add Google Review on your site
Add Google Review on your site
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We previously had a Google review section by Common Ninja, and we are happy to announce that we now have an in-house version of the Google Review section!

If you already have a Google Review by Common Ninja on your site, you can keep using it until you remove the section.

Google Review Benefits

Businesses and organizations of all sizes are realizing the importance of getting feedback from real customers. Google Reviews enables potential customers to take a look at the overall satisfaction of past customers and make an informed decision before choosing to do business with you.

Google Reviews offers significant advantages to any business. They provide valuable insights into customer satisfaction and help businesses make informed decisions when it comes to product or service improvements. With Google My Business, businesses can find new customers and engage with current customers all in one place.

Before you begin

Before you add Google reviews to your site, you may need to sign up for your Business Profile through Google Business (free).

Here are some resources on getting a Business Profile on Google:

Just so you know, Google Business is operated and managed by Google. It is best to contact Google support for detailed guidance on creating a business profile. The Durable team can support you on how you can add the Google reviews section to your site.

How to add a Google reviews section on your site

  1. Go to Website > Edit website.

  2. Click the "+Add section" button where you want to add Google reviews.

  3. Choose "Google reviews" from the list.

  4. Click "Save" in the top bar. You will see a blank "No reviews to show" before you add business details.

How to connect your business to the Google reviews section

  1. Click "Edit" on the Google reviews section.

  2. Under the "Connect your business" section, type your business name and click on it.

  3. Please allow a few seconds to load your Google review.

  4. You can customize what reviews appear on the feed. To display reviews, choose the "Number of reviews," "Minimum rating," and "Display" options. You can also click and drag on the six dots to change the order of the reviews.

  5. Click "Save" in the top bar.

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