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Written by Naoko Shimogaki
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Creating dozens of websites with Durable AI

We wanted to make it 100x faster and easier to build dozens or hundreds of websites in a matter of minutes. Using Durable AI, generating multiple websites couldn't be simpler. Here's how to do it.

Generate a website and sign up for a Durable account

Most of you will have completed this step already. But if you haven't yet, generate a business website, as shown in step 3. Sign up for an account, and jump ahead to Step 2.

Create a new business

  1. Click the name of your business in the top left corner, and click "Create business."

  2. Enter business name, industry, location and language.

  3. Click "Create business," and the website will start generating.

Edit your website

After generating your website, customize it however you like using your website editor. Then, publish it! Want to learn about our website editor? Please see our help centre document here.

Heads up: for every new site you publish (not generate), another Durable subscription is required. If you're looking to build 10 or more websites, contact us for other pricing options.

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