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Setting up e-commerce on your site
Setting up e-commerce on your site
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Setting up an e-commerce store

Service entrepreneurs already understand how easy it is to start a business with Durable’s AI website builder. But did you know you can use Durable to create an e-commerce website to sell physical and digital products online?


We have a detailed guide in our blog post: How to create an e-commerce website with Durable.

Points to consider

  • Durable does not offer a full-on e-commerce feature. You can make it work as an e-commerce website; however, please note that there are limitations.

  • We do not offer a cart function. You will need to create a payment link for each product.

  • Durable's dashboards do not include inventory management or shipping settings. You will need to get external services for those requirements.

  • You cannot integrate another e-commerce website with Durable websites at this time.

Creating an e-commerce store is an important part of running a successful online business. With Durable, you have an easy-to-use platform that makes the process painless. Set up your store today, and you'll sell products in no time!

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