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Add folders to your site menu (dropdown menu)
Add folders to your site menu (dropdown menu)
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Adding dropdown menus to your site

Adding folders to your site allows you to present menus in an organized manner. This is a great option, especially if you have a lot of pages on your site. It might look something like this:

Adding a folder

  1. Go to Website > Edit website.

  2. Click the "Manage page" button (left to the "+" icon) at the top middle.

  3. Click "Create folder" from the page panel.

  4. Input Label and Slug. Move the toggle on the Header and Footer where you want to show the folder in the menu.

  5. Click "Save." Now, you will see the folder in the Page panel.

Add Pages to the folder

Once you add a folder, you can start adding pages to the folder.

  1. Create a page. (Please see this help centre document for instructions on how to do this.)

  2. Click the "Manage page" button (left to the "+" icon).

  3. Click the gear icon on the page you want to include in the folder.

  4. Go to the Add to folder section, and move the toggle on.

  5. Choose the folder in which you want to add a menu.

  6. Click "Save" in the side panel and "Save" again on the top bar.

You can add multiple pages to a folder by repeating these steps. When you add a page under folders, it will look like this in the website page section:

We hope this quick tutorial helped you understand how easy it is to create a folder on your site. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can create an entire folder structure.

For more website tutorials, please check out our Help Center.

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