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Add your own images to the website
Add your own images to the website
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By adding images to the image library, you can easily access your own images from the Library when using the website editor.

How to add images to the image library

  1. Go to Website > Edit website.

  2. Click any image on the website.

  3. Click "Replace," and choose "Upload" from the popup window.

  4. Click "Select" or drop a file in the dotted box. Please note that the supported file types are PNG, JPG, or JPEG up to 32 MB.

  5. After the image has been loaded, you will see it on the website. If you want to add another image, please repeat

  6. If you like the image, click "Save" in the top bar.

To use the uploaded image in a different place, please choose the Library option to choose from.

Upload image FAQ:

Can I bulk-upload images to the Library?

Not available at this time. You can upload the images one by one.

Can I delete uploaded images from the image library?

Not at this time. You cannot remove the image once it has been uploaded to the library.

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