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Add and manage the business hours section to your site
Add and manage the business hours section to your site
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The benefit of adding a business hours section

Showing business hours on your website can provide clear and essential information, ensuring that visitors know when they can visit your physical location or contact your business within the business hours. Also, you can reduce the number of inquiries about operating hours: you can repurpose the time spent on some other task.

How to add a business hours section on your site

  1. Go to Website > Edit.

  2. Click the "Add section" button on the editor where you want to add the business hours.

  3. Click "Business hours" from the list.

  4. A template of the business hours section will be generated. Click "Save" on the save bar at the top.

Customizing business hours

  1. In the website editor, click "Edit" on the business hours section.

  2. The sidebar will pop up. You can edit the following in this sidebar:

    1. Heading: the heading notation which shows up in the business hours section.

    2. Timezone: choose the timezone that your business is located in.

    3. First day of the week: You can change the first day of the week, which appears during business hours.

    4. Time display: you can choose either 12-hour time or 24-hour time.

  3. You can proceed to customize the Availability of your business:

    1. Weekdays have different hours: Enable this option if your business has different opening/closing times during the week. (For example, if your business opens late on Thursdays and Fridays, you can enable this option.)

    2. Add time slot: Click this button if you have break hours for the business. (For instance, if your business close from 3 PM to 5 PM for break, you can enable this option).

    3. Show closed days: Enable this if you want to show the closed days as "Closed" in this section. You can also change the label on closed days.

    4. Indicate when open: enable this option if you want to indicate on the website that your business is currently open. It might show up something like this:

  4. When you finish customizing, you can click "Save" on the save bar at the top.

Showing your business hours is a great way to inform and engage with customers and visitors. Adding business hours to a website is a simple yet effective way to enhance customer service, and improve user experience, all of which can contribute to the business's success.

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