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Learn how to use the brand kit
Learn how to use the brand kit
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We are launching our first brand kit! Take your brand to the next level with an AI-generated logo and social assets. Then, apply it to your website, invoices and emails. You can also download the brand materials you created in the Brand kit.

What does the Brand kit offer?

The brand kit includes:

  • Logo: You can set up the primary, secondary, favicon, and profile logos and upload your own logo from here.

  • Fonts: You can change the font packs from the list or choose your own combination.

  • Examples: You can see the preview of the merchandise if you were to create some.

  • Colors: You can pick website colors from the pre-selected palette. If you don't find a palette you like or want to modify an existing palette, you can create a custom palette.

  • Writing style: Change the tone of voice for the AI-generated content.

  • Website preview: You can preview the website using the new brand settings. You can also "apply" the changes to the live version from here as well.

  • Invoices and emails: You can preview the invoices and email templates you send to customers.

  • Social assets: Social profile photos and background/cover images for various popular social platforms.

  • Business cards: This professional business card is ready to print. You can download it and send it directly to a printing service of your choice.

Start using the Brand kit

  1. Log into your Durable account > Click the Brand tab on the left.

  2. Click "Generate brand."

  3. Click "Save."

Edit brand kit

Once you generated the brand kit for your business, you can customize it via the Brand tab.

  1. Go to Brand.

  2. Click "Edit" in a section where you want to edit.

  3. The setting panel will pop up on the right. Customize the content and click "Save" when finished.


At this time, the changes made in the Brand kit and the website editor are independent. For example, if you change the font on the website editor, it will NOT change the font combination in the brand kit and vice versa.

There are some exceptions:

  • If you click "Apply" in the Website preview section of the brand kit, the changes will be applied to the live version.

  • If you have set the logo source as "Branding" in the website editor, you will see the logo from the brand kit: more on this here.

  • By changing the Writing style in the Brand kit, the change will apply to the entire website and marketing's writing style.

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