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Add an Instagram block feed to your site
Add an Instagram block feed to your site
Written by Naoko Shimogaki
Updated over a week ago

Showing your Instagram feed on your site

This allows you to display your Instagram feed directly on your homepage without using a custom code or embedding.

  1. Go to Website > Edit.

  2. Click the "Add section +" button to add an Instagram feed.

  3. Find the Instagram section from the list.

  4. A feed will appear. NOTE: By default, the @durableteam Instagram feed will be displayed as a placeholder.

  5. Click "Edit" on the Instagram feed to change it to your Instagram feed.

  6. The new profile will appear instantly on your feed once Durable has detected an existing account.

  7. Click "Save" in the top bar.

Common Errors

  • If the account is private or does not exist, the following error message will appear:

  • If there are no pictures in the feed, it will show you an empty profile:

  • If you have a creator account, please make sure that the privacy settings are correct, as it can prevent the feed from showing up.

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