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Using the Durable CRM


How do I import my contacts?

To import contacts into Durable, simply click "Import" on the Contacts tab of your CRM and then select a .CSV file of the contact list you'd like to import.  Once you've selected your file, you will have the option to match the fields in your file wi

How do I create and manage custom fields?

You can create and edit unlimited custom fields, so you can really make your CRM work for your business. Adding custom fieldsTo add a custom field, select the gear icon within your CRM table and then click "+ Add new field." You will be given 7 diffe

How does the email sync work?

With our email sync feature, you can keep your Durable CRM and your email inbox in sync at all times. By connecting your email, you will:See all email communication with contacts in your Durable CRMBe able to email directly from Durable and have that

Edit text

Select the gear icon within your CRM tableClick on the pencil icon associated with the field you'd like to editNote: All custom fields are editable, as well as the default Status and Source fields. The remaining default fields cannot be edited.

Contact storage

All ‘contact us’ form submissions are stored in Durable’s CRM section under ‘Contacts’. You will also receive an email notification whenever a new contact is added. Durable Domain - Create Google Workspace & can create email address & receive CRM's t